Tales of the Terrorific Trio Thurs 22nd

The day began oh so beautifully. Jacob didn’t have TV privileges in the mornimg because he refused to help with his chore and threw knives and stuff…. and he took ownership and threw not a single tantrum!🤗👏👏 He enjoyed 2 breakfast sandwiches and created Lego masterpieces.

After my first trip to Livonia for the day they decided the next best activity was obviously rock smashing. My first awakening to this experiment was

Emily: Momma, is it okay with we your saw? (My chop saw!)

Me: Ummm… for what?

Emily: To break open the rocks.

Me: NO! Absolutely not! That is very bad and unsafe idea.

Emily: Awe…. 😞

After that all I heard was:

Jacob: I’ll get the sledge hammer!

Emily: I’ll get the hatchet!

And THAT’s why my kids aren’t allowed to break open rocks anymore…. But look at those problem solving skills!

After arriving home from Livonia my second time I was oh so pleasantly serenaded by a half an hour conk shell concert. If the shells “accidentally” fall on concrete at some point in time and shatter, it wasn’t me! 😉😆

After a quick dip in the pool I was asked by Emily to play a game:

Emily: Momma want to play a game with us? You can be the elephant because elephants are…. (trails off)

Me: Wait, why do you want me to be the elephant?

Emily: Because they are strong like you.

Me: (Suspiciously) Yes, of course.

After I returned home from my THIRD trip to Livonia (thank you fall sports) I was caught in the Lego booby trap that covered 3 quarters of the living room floor but do not worry! They have all cleared away their own “territory” on the Lego table so they can build new things. How they’ll find their Legos from there is a mystery, but the territories have been established.

Currently, Jake is upside down on the chair yelling at me that he can’t sweep the floor meanwhile Emily is asking “what does he need to do momma? Here Jake, I’ll help you” and she is sweeping the floor.

I’m not in charge of bedtime tonight but our lovely neighbor and Kaitlyn are tagged in. Good luck girls, godspeed!


At Two

At Two

Golden locks

Crystal blue orbs

Sweet crescent smirk

Sticky feelers

Dirty nose pickers

Lean mini frame

Black and blue spindles

Overgrown pads

Mini piggies

Spattered with mud

Nobody Sees

Nobody Sees

They see what’s on the outside, taking up command

Feelings caused by feelings, no one understands

Fear controlled by anger, anger that is seeping

No one stops to think that on the inside she is weeping.

The horror and the panic is thrust back with a fling

The madness taking over, controlling everything

Nobody sees her panic, no one thinks that she could fall

Only fury on her face, is what is seen by all.

All ears they hear the rage, this rage it makes her blind

All eyes see flames of madness, trailing there behind

Steam oozing from her ears, no one can make it stop

Innocent faces see blood boil, up and out the top.

A sinking in her gut, draining down feeling flush

Fever rising in her face like an old drunk lush

She thinks she will erupt

As her blood it bubbles up

All think she’ll have no fun

As shrills fill up her lungs

Taking deep breaths, she knows what is best

Though seas swell in her chest.

They see her running near

Their eyes fill up with fear

Their blood turning cold

For they had run right into the road

I Helped My Mom Today

I Helped my Mom Today

I helped my mom today

The clothes I wore were wet

I am all set

I hung them up my way.

Towels tossed on the floor

Made room for my shirt

Was full of dirt

The hooks I used all four.

I helped my mom today

The toilet overflowed

A whole big load

I made it go away.

It splished and splashed on me

Liquid covered the floor

Splattered the door

I think that some was pee.

I helped my mom today

The thirst it was so strong

I can’t go wrong

I made it all my way.

My cup filled to the top

Four packets I did mix

Two more made six

Mom yelled at me to “STOP!”

I helped my mom today

I stepped over the line

She drank some wine

And now she is okay.

I helped my mom today.

What No One Can See

What No One Can See

Her gaze cast down upon the ground

Honey brown veil to cover her face

The things she feels, no one has found

No one can ever trace

If you gazed inside you’d find a web

So thick she can’t get out

She looks for ways to make it ebb

She cannot find a route

The thoughts they burst and fade up there

But emotions bully through

Ideas show up, she doesn’t know where

By then there’s something new

There’s hurt there’s pain, it’s her to blame

It’s a wonder that she can last

The fear is there the guilt it came

It happens all too fast

A gun to her head, a knife to her throat

A rope around her neck

She feels all alone and won’t leave a note

She knows she is a wreck

When others watch they see a girl

Living well each day

But inside that calm face, emotions whirl

Refusing to go away

The One That They All See

The One That They All See

Platinum strands cascade round her neck,

Sapphire spheres reflecting sun

Glancing my way, upturned lips, looking gay

Desires a night out of fun.

With children asleep, she makes not a peep

As she glides right out the front door

She makes a true entry, feeling quite gentry

She’ll stay out till midnight or more.

She’s the one they all see, fitting in beautifully

Her presence is seen round the room

Hugs and kisses for all, she shows not one flaw

Brightens lives, and then they all bloom.